Projects completed

We work with both municipal enterprises and private companies. Presently, many operators of tramway and trolley-bus systems, subways of Moscow and St. Petersburg, Moscow monorail train system are customers of our equipment. We manufactured and delivered equipment for:

  • Retrofitting of 50 traction substations of Mosgortrans;
  • Trolley-bus depot in Novokosino area of Moscow (the project was completed in August of 2009);
  • Electric transportation system in Kemerovo;
  • Lyublinskaya and Mitino-Stroginskaya lines of Moscow Subway;
  • Electric transportation system in Minsk (Republic of Belarus);
  • Rapid tramway line in Volgograd (Russia);
  • More than 40 traction substations of Mosgortrans;
  • New trolley-bus traction substations in Volgograd (Russia);
  • New and retrofitted traction substations in Kaluga, Lipetsk, Kursk, Ufa, Ryazan and other cities in Russia.

We equipped a unique electric laboratory in Electromechanical College No. 55 in Moscow.

Examples of completed projects:

  • Moscow monorail train transportation system;
  • Laboratory in Electromechanical College No. 55;
  • Retrofitting of traction substations in Moscow;
  • New traction substation in Kaluga;
  • Delivery of converter units for Moscow Subway;
  • New trolley-bus route in Kursk;
  • First Russian underground traction substation.

(RU) Реализованные проекты

Date of implementation: -

First in Russia underground traction substation

Date of implementation: 2011

New trolley-bus route in Kursk

Date of implementation: 2010

Delivery of converter units for Moscow Subway

Date of implementation: 2008

New traction substation in Kaluga

Date of implementation: 2008

Retrofitting of traction substations in Moscow

Date of implementation: 2008

Laboratory in Electromechanical College No. 55

Date of implementation: 2008

Monorail train system

Date of implementation: 2005

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