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About company - NPP Energy

We manufacture a full range of low voltage equipment, taking into account the latest innovations in technology

AO NPP ENERGIA was established in 1992 and since then has been a producer of equipment for traction substations of urban electric transport, subway, monorail train and rapid tramway transportation systems. Today ENERGIA makes use of the latest technical innovations to produce a complete range of low-voltage equipment.

Company’s activity takes place in two areas. We work both on the markets of new urban electric transport facilities construction and of maintenance of existing power supply facilities for tramway, trolley-bus, monorail train and subway systems.

A close-knit team of specialists in many fields, confident in their abilities and not deterred by difficult jobs, is engaged in development and advancement of these activities. We were rather fast in taking strong position on urban electric transport construction market not only in Russia but also in ex-USSR countries, and now are reckoned among the reliable contractors of construction sector.


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Our team

A close-knit team of highly qualified professionals
General director
Vladimir Evdokimovich
Deputy General Director director, chief designer
Deputy chief engineer
Technical Director
Deputy technical director

Unique systems for protection, troubleshooting and control:

  • Rectifiers of V-TPED unified series with up-to-date diagnostic system for semiconductor device;
  • Unitized DC switchgears (KRUm-600, RUOShm) with advanced automatics;
  • AC and DC distribution panels;
  • Cabling protection panels;
  • Calibrator for adjustment of fast acting DC circuit breakers;
  • Traction network protection and diagnostic system based on modern solutions using DSP processors;
  • Tester for checking condition of power diodes;
  • Central remote control console, etc.

Our business philosophy is constant advancement

Our company designs urban electric transport facilities and has license and certificate of quality management system conformance in designing automation and power supply systems for power engineering and transport facilities.

ENERGIA has permit for installation and commissioning works affecting safety of building facilities and is a member of the following self-governed organizations:

  • League of Construction Sector Designers, non-commercial partnership;
  • Overhaul and Capital Construction, non-commercial partnership of construction companies .

ENERGIA carries out mounting, adjustment, contract supervision and maintenance of supplied equipment by requests from operators and buyers.

Contract supervision and maintenance works include free training on equipment operation by our specialists.

The company has special certified high-voltage laboratory, possessing appropriate permits and certificates that carries out insulation tests on the electric equipment located both in shop and on traction substations.

Some of our clients ordering equipment for urban electric transport are:

  • GUP Mosgortrans;
  • Moscow monorail train transportation system;
  • Moscow Subway;
  • St. Petersburg Subway;

Our equipment is also operated in electric transport networks in Perm, Kemerovo, Minsk (Republic of Belarus), Volgograd (urban electric transport and rapid tramway), Kaluga, Petrozavodsk, Kursk, Ufa and others.

ENERGIA has implemented a business system that integrates development of new equipment, its production, delivery, installation, adjustment, and also ensures further maintenance during the whole life cycle.

Our system of warranty and out-of-warranty maintenance and repair of equipment provides for permanent stock of necessary parts and availability of repair facilities for restoration of the equipment.

Our business development strategy is aimed at further expansion of key activities. The company plans to enter international market of urban electric transport facilities construction.

The experience gained in construction of new facilities and delivery of the equipment and units for operators, strict adherence to commitments allow us to obtain new orders.


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