Certificates and awards

Certificates and awards

All kinds of activity carried out by ENERGIA are supported by appropriate licenses and certificates.

Our company designs urban electric transport facilities and has certificate of quality management system conformance in the area of designing automation and power supply systems for power engineering and transport facilities.

ENERGIA has permit for installation and commissioning works affecting safety of building facilities and is a member of the following self-governed organizations:

  • League of Construction Sector Designers, non-commercial partnership;
  • Overhaul and Capital Construction, non-commercial partnership of construction companies.

ENERGIA carries out mounting, adjustment, contract supervision and maintenance of supplied equipment by requests from operators and buyers.

ENERGIA has obtained certificate (No. ROSS RU IK76.К00067) confirming quality management system compliance with GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008) regarding designing the automation and electric power supply systems for power engineering and transportation facilities.

Also all products of our company are certified.

The company has special certified high-voltage laboratory, possessing appropriate permits and certificates that carries out insulation tests on the electric equipment located both in shop and on traction substations.

ENERGIA is “SAVING ENERGY-2010” award winner in the area of energy efficiency. The project providing replacement of rectifying sections and implemented within frames of 1st stage of traction substations reconstruction in Moscow was recognized as the best in the category “Energy saving on urban transport”.

On 11 April 2011, within frames of 59th UITP (International Association of Public Transport) Congress and Mobility and City Transport Exhibition in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), first winners of Golden Chariot were awarded.

Award ceremony was opened by UITP Secretary General Hans Rat, member of Golden Chariot presidium, and Valeriy Afonasievich Yazev, Deputy Chairman of Russian Federation State Duma, who awarded services of the most deserved representatives of transport branch.

First prize-winners of the Golden Chariot international public transport award are:

  • Infraestructuras Ferroviarias de Catalunya (IFERCAT), Barcelona, Spain — nomination “Leader of Public Passenger Transport”;
  • Seoul Metropolitan Government — nomination “For Contribution to Transport Industry Development”;
  • Federaçao das Empresas de Transporte de Passageiros do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — nomination “Leader of Public Passenger Transport”.

ENERGIA Research and Production Company, Moscow, Russia — nomination “The Best of the Russian Medium and Small Transport Businesses”.