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In 2005, ENERGIA has supplied packages of equipment for the Moscow monorail train transportation system. Besides of conventional types of substation equipment, five types of fundamentally new units were designed specially for this project, namely:

  • PPSR-600 sectioning disconnector switch-over point;
  • PPK-600 cabling switch-over point;
  • ShZD-600 grounding panel;
  • PR-600 distribution point (consisting of three types of panels);
  • TsPDU-600M central remote control console.

Due to specific design of the monorail transportation system a considerable amount of substation equipment is located on the trestle and technical storeys that are distant from the traction substations themselves. Therefore TsPDU-600M system was designed to ensure operative control and all sorts of power supply switching between the sections of the contact system. Due to this feature all power commutation devices in the mentioned panels have electric drives and can be controlled remotely.

A total of 7 traction substations were equipped; converter units (V-TPED series of rectifiers and TSZP series of transformers), ShSN auxiliary panels and ShZK cabling protection panels were delivered in addition to the panels mentioned above.

ShZD-600 panel located on the transborder.
PPSR-600 panel.
Rolling stock in depot.
Substation in depot.
PR-600 distribution panel in depot.
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