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About us - Company's History

ZAO NPP ENERGIA was established in 1992 by the graduates of Electric Transport Department of Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI Technical University). Company's team continued with development and launching production of new generation semiconductor converters, based on research by specialists of MPEI Electrical Transport Department in 1970s. Company's specialists collaborated with scientists N. A. Zagaynov, I. S. Yefremov, M. G. Tregubenko, B. S. Finkelstein and others.

In the beginning, ENERGIA cooperated with ОАО "Zaporozhsky elektroapparatny zavod" and Sverdlovsk Electromechanical Plant. Gradually, our company developed its own production. Initially, products included diagnostic and valve control units for rectifiers and also diagnostic instruments like diode tester. In 2006, V-TPED series rectifier was designed and launched into production. It had basically new construction offering a number of functional advantages.

The company continues its research in the field of modern test equipment that facilitates maintenance of traction substation equipment and improves its quality. In 2004, after numerous tests PRUS calibrator for adjustment of fast acting circuit breakers was launched into production as well as other systems. Weight of this unique unit is lower than 30 kg, ensuring operational mobility. The unit is capable to generate currents up to 8000A.

ENERGIA has considerably enlarged its area of activity. Besides of deliveries for tramway and trolley-bus substations, our company began to supply equipment for Moscow monorail train system and Moscow Subway. As of end of 2011, ENERGIA manufactured over 50 items.

Besides, ENERGIA has been designing power supply systems and units for over 15 years. All the equipment undergoes tests and is certified. The company is a member of self-governed organizations in the field of designing and construction of electric transport power supply facilities. ENERGIA has a production facility and special high-voltage laboratory certified by ROSTEKHNADZOR that carries out tests of electric equipment insulation. In 2006, our production process was certified according to national quality management standard - GOST R ISO 9001 (ISO 9001).

For 15 years, our company has put into operation over 250 converter units for tramway, trolley-bus, subway and monorail train lines, about 200 diagnostic units and over 300 various AC and DC power supply units.

The most important events of recent time:


ENERGIA supplied packages of equipment for the Moscow monorail train transportation system. Apart from conventional types of substation equipment, five basically new units were designed specially for this project.
PSKSM-600 in Novokosino trolley-bus depot

Three traction substations were put into operation in Novokosino area, Moscow. PSKSM-600 contact system sectioning point designed and launched into production. Later, a set of these units was installed on all repair lines of Novokosino trolley-bus depot.

May 2007

Urban electric transport traction substation No.4 (Zolotoy Ostrov) on Bolotnaya embankment was put into operation to replace the existing one. The following new equipment by ENERGIA was used on the substation:

  • TSZPU-2000 transformers;
  • V-TPED-2,0k-600N M2 rectifiers;
  • ShSNm panel fitted with LCD display for control of the traction substation units;
  • RU-600 switchgear (+600V) of roll-out type with UR26, UR40 circuit breakers;
  • RUOShm-600 switchgear (–600V);
  • ShZK cabling protection panel;
  • BKT-02 unit for monitoring temperatures in substation compartments.
ENERGIA equipment on traction substation No.4, Moscow.
Traction substation on Trubnaya subway station.
September 2007

New line of Moscow Subway "Strastnoy boulevard — Trubnaya" was put into operation. The substations supplying line sections utilize V-TPED-1,6k-825 M2 rectifiers supplied by ENERGIA.
Laboratory in Electromechanical College No. 55.
August 2008

Laboratory of Transport Electric Equipment and Automatics was designed and put into operation in Electromechanical College No. 55. The equipment was provided by ENERGIA and simulates traction substation.
Switchgear on the substation in Kaluga.
November 2008

New traction substation was commissioned in Pravoberezhye community, Kaluga. This project utilizes modern developments of ENERGIA, including latest KRUm-600 roll-out switchgears.
December 2009

Three new stations of Moscow Subway: Myakinino, Volokolamskaya and Mitino, were opened. This event marked second stage of successful cooperation between GUP Moscow Subway and ZAO NPP ENERGIA associated with implementation of rectifiers of V-TPED-1,6k-825M unified series to the subway power supply system. Since than, more than 60 rectifiers supplied by ENERGIA were operated by Moscow Subway power supply service.
February 2010

New trolley-bus line is launched in Kursk. Two traction substations with ENERGIA equipment are put into operation.
Traction substation No. 33 in Moscow with updated equipment.
February 2010

1st stage of traction substations reconstruction project is completed in Moscow. Our company delivered and adjusted equipment for more than 40 substations.
KRUm-600 small-size DC switchgear made by ENERGIA on traction substation No.160, Moscow
January 2011

First in Russia underground traction substation for urban electric transport is put into operation. The company designed and launched into production the series of KRU-600 small-size switchgears having front wall width 600mm for implementation on traction/lowering substation No.160. Though switchgear has considerably smaller size, it maintains full functionality, including integrated current/time protection and automatic reclosure system with short circuit tester.
November 2011

Equipment package is delivered for power supply of new trolley-bus line in Ryazan.
Equipment made by ENERGIA
Vitaliy Artyomov, Head of Ryazan Administration, on ceremony of substation commissioning.
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